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our partners and customers:

our value

We have 10+ years of expertise in research and high-level publications on human dynamics modeling, data science and Artificial Intelligence.

what we do

Starting from your pictures, text or email addresses, we profile your customers, extract valuable insights from data and develop ad-hoc AI systems. Check our brochure.

our products

You can use our profiling technologies to profile your CRM or build your applications by calling the Profilio APIs. Please contact us for a demo or trial.


Data Science

Thanks to Profilio technologies and machine learning techniques we obtained up to +50% in Return On Advertising Spending in the field of fashion advertising.

Business Intelligence

For the city of Rome, we built a dasboard with patterns and trends related to cultural events that exploit advanced analytical techniques.

A.I. and Automation

We trained 85% accurate ad-hoc models in the field of Human Resources for the prediction of soft skills of candidates from text and profile pictures.