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We model human dynamics into Artificial Intelligence
We have 10+ years of expertise in research on human dynamics modeling, data science and Artificial Intelligence.

We add psychometric predictions to user data
We develop systems to predict psychometric insights from different data sources, such as profile pictures, text or demographics.

We help understanding customers, as persons
Customers are persons, and we believe that human modeling can help them to have better interactions with Brands and machines.

Profilio API
We ditribute our profiling technologies by means of an easy-to-use API, to allow you to build your own apps or automatically analyze your data.

Profilio Brandmonitor
We offer a free online social media monitoring tool to track conversations, influencers, sentiment, interests and psychometric insights on brand audiences.

Profilio consulting
We enrich and analyze data, or develop custom software for the classification of specific human dynamics tasks to improve your business.

Advertising and Marketing
Profilio can predict psychometrics to improve customer segmentations or predict the best ways to communicate to your audience.
Thanks to Profilio technologies and clustering we obtained up to +50% in Return On Advertising Spending in the field of fashion advertising.

Urban analytics
Using urban characteristics and mobility patterns, we predicted urban vitality, culture, city economics and crime.
We modeled crime and flows of tourists using mobile phone, public social media data and credit card transactions with an accuracy up to 80%.

CRM and data enrichment
Profilio can predict users' behaviors, enrich your data and improve the performance of your machine learning models. With Profilio data enrichment solutions, we obtained up to +10% accuracy improvement in models for the prediction of insurance claims or prospects to customer conversion.
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